Ameresti un disastro?

Lucy: We are together.
Ian: She is..she is at my apartment.
Lucy: I’m on his floor.
Ian: She came on over and…and we are ustreaming…we are doing it! I just realized that..oh man! that’s bad! That’s never gonna go away! That’s on the internet.


But can you imagine Ezra in the boutique buying the earrings and trying to describe Aria’s style to the assistants? “She…uh… likes feathers. And leopard print… Any sort of print really…”

"I’m afraid to ask what full on Christmas looks like at the Fitzgerald house."

Aria and Ezra, 5.13 Christmas sneak peek

Ian Harding at Men’s Fitness 2014 Game Changer red carpet | Sept 17, 2014

@lucyhale: Things Girls Say

Aria and Ezra talking endgame.